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If you want to establish a beauty business, there are thousands of options that might help you narrow down your target market. The cosmetics industry is cutthroat. Customers have access to thousands of beauty brands both in-store and online. Nonetheless, there is always opportunity for new companies in an industry that is continuously pursuing the latest trend or hottest makeup product. Here are a few tips to help you stay on track with your business idea.

1. Research, research, RESEARCH!

Because the beauty industry is crowded and trends change quickly, having a competent research & development team is particularly crucial in this business. Yet, there are still opportunities for newcomers to launch skin care lines due to the industry's ongoing evolution. According to Statista, Revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market amounts to US$571.10bn in 2023. The market is expected to grow annually by 3.80% (CAGR 2023-2027).
To stay ahead in this highly competitive the industry, Celblos channels a great deal in our R&D teams – both In-House and also an extensive R&D network with a professional chemist team. Our professional chemists and dermatological experts constantly engage in research and work to create effective skin care formulations, cosmeceutical grade products and professional treatments within your budget and timeline.

2. Choose A Niche

Pick a specialty in which you have prior expertise making or selling cosmetic items. Several small cosmetic enterprises specialise in a certain industry area. Conduct some market research and think about your own preferences: after a while, you'll have a better notion of the type of cosmetic brand you want to launch.

At Celblos, we can help you craft distinctive products that ideally match your needs. Depending on the requirements of your requested formulation, we can either adapt one of the products in our extensive inventory of base formulations, or customize your formula from the ground up. It’s not enough to just have your own product line, we formulate to produce REAL results.

3. Get Regulations Out of Way

It's crucial to understand the regulatory environment when launching new consumer health solutions. When aiming to expand, it is crucial to pay close attention to regulatory issues that have an impact on both your product in your immediate market and in larger markets. Different countries have different regulations regarding safe and approved formulations, which is why you'll need a strong and capable team that is familiar with your market.

Our facility is SGS GMP and ISO 22716 certified, and we strictly adhere to all GMP standards during formulation, production and post-product processes, and quality control procedures. Celblos has a strong footprint across South East Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, UK and beyond. We can assist to expedite your product registration to ease your entry into new markets.

4. Create a Marketing Strategy

If potential buyers can't find your brand, it won't last very long. Paid advertising on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook is one way to market your cosmetics or skin care products. Create a business page on each and investigate the viability of running targeted advertisements there. Local advertising might be advantageous as well, particularly if you reside in a large urban area. Another strategy for spreading the word about your new company is to get in touch with nearby retailers that sell cosmetics.
With over 20 Years of experience, we are ready to be your consultant, advisor and partner for your product development needs - we accomplish that by ensuring that you understand your brand, your goals and your vision. We partner with you by asking the right questions to help craft the perfect product line or match the ideal ready formulation.

5. Financial Planning

You must ensure that your business is correctly set up and that your finances are under control from the outset. The key to success is understanding how to bring in money, where and when to spend it, and how to keep everything in balance. Financial planning will become an integral part of your daily and weekly routine and as the founder of your beauty brand, you must always have an up-to-date understanding of the financial situation of your company.

Innovating cosmetic solutions, our focus is on the success of your skincare line. We are committed to exceeding your expectations every step of the way by offering you innovative and dermatological expertise, low minimum order quantities with fast lead time and flexible customization!

6. Choose Your Business Suppliers

It's crucial to choose a reputable manufacturer for your skin care or cosmetic items. Private label or white label cosmetic companies can create custom blends based on your specifications or manufacture and sell stock cosmetics using their own formulations. The finest suppliers offer a large range of product packaging and label options, excellent customer service, and a strong background in the sector.


Whether you are just starting a skincare business or redeveloping your existing skincare line, we can create customized formulations and develop private label products to specifically suit the needs of your niche and meet the regulations.

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Celblos Dermal Research Centre is a end-to-end professional skincare consultant and OEM manufacturer committed to developing treatment skincare products that ride the latest technology and feature innovative breakthrough active ingredients. We believe in harnessing the best that science and nature has to offer in our quest to create dermal solutions that bring out one's natural beauty.Whether you are just starting a skincare business or redeveloping your existing skincare line, we can create customized formulations and develop private label products to specifically suit the needs of your niche and meet the regulations.

Our manufacturing plant are both GMP and ISO22716 certified, attesting to our advanced scientific know-how and thorough quality control validation steps, ensuring you only receive products of the highest caliber. We conform strictly to the highest international requirements to guarantee optimal standards and product safety.

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